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Kusser: Máté: Serenatas

Conjunto: Aura Musicale
Dirección: Balázs Máté
Compositor: Johann Sigismund Kusser
Número de discos: 1 CD
Formato: APE+MP3+CUE
Servidores: putlocker, mediafire

1. Serenata a 4
01. Ouverture
02. Recitativo. No, He's not dead! (Fame)
03. Aria. I'll blaze abroad her Glory (Fame)
04. Recitativo. What meant the Fates? (Neptune)
05. Aria. Still in endless toils... (Neptune)
06. Recitativo. Almost oppress'd with Romish Superstition (Albania)
07. Aria. Britons, strow his tomb with flowers (Albania)
08. Recitativo. His Wisdom, join'd with Courage (Apollo)
09. Aria. Tho' Envy often baffled (Apollo)
10. Coros. While the happy British Nation
11. Recitativo. His mighty Prowess (Fame)
12. Aria. Glorious Nassau's lasting Name (Fame)
13. Recitativo. I saw the Godlike Hero (Neptun)
14. Aria. Opposition Courage raises (Neptune)
15. Recitativo. Unluckily deluded... (Albania)
16. Aria. He the paths of Glory treading (Albania)
17. Recitativo. His Godlike mind (Apollo)
18. Aria. Great Queen of Isles (Apollo)
19. Coros. None the secret art to reign-
Aria a 2. Godlike actions were his aim (Fame, Albania)
2. Serenata Theatrale a 5
01. Ouverture
02. Aria. Happy Queen... (Peace)
Recitativo. Here barb'rous discord... (Peace)
Recitativo. Freedom is a Souv'reign Blessing (Peace)
03. Prelude
04. Recitativo. Sigh on, Sad Peace... (Discord)
05. Aria. Conquering Legions... (Discord)
06. Aria. Grievious Torment... (Peace)
07. Recitativo. Those moans you make are useless (Discord)
Aria. Was I sure to be released... (Peace)
08. A Noise of Trumpets and Kettle-Drum
09. Recitativo. This Noise of Vict'ry... (Discord)
10. Air for Trumpets and Kettle-Drums
11. Aria. Come, lovely Peace... (Victory)
Recitativo. Etern discord! (Victory)
Accompagnato. Come, lovely Peace... (Victory)
12. Recitativo. Ah! How my joys are Doubled (Peace, Discord)
13. Aria. When wars have Raged... (Victory)
Recitativo. Thy Cares for that great Queen... (Discord)
Aria. When wars have Raged (Victory)
Recitativo. As soon as the Just ends of war are gained (Victory)
Aria. When wars have Raged (Victory)
14. Recitativo. How cruel, is this Slav'ry... (Discord)
15. Aria. Sad Despair, for ever Seize me (Discord)
16. Recitativo. How cruel, is this Slav'ry... (Discord, Victory)
17. Aria. Within their Gloomy Vaults of Hell (Victory)
18. Recitativo. Thou dire abode... (Victory)
19. Ritornello-Dueto. Her glories Increase (Victory, Peace)-Ritornello
20. March
21. Aria. (Dueto). While the blind Fury... (Felicity, Plenty)
Aria (Dueto). In all the Fetters... (Felicity, Plenty)
22. Coros Solistas. Behold they have laid...
23. Recitativo. These happy Times... (Mercury)
24. Aria. Unequal'd is Her Story... (Mercury)
25. Gran Coro. Blessing so Divine dispensed



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